5 Minutes of terror

If you are looking for gifts for father’s day why not go with a gift of gag gifts. This could be quite a turn off for the man you are gifting. If he has any sense he will think that you are trying to get him to buy some stuff you don t even need. If you want to ensure that he does not start making funny noises with your gifts try something different. A great idea for father’s day gag gifts would be toilet timers. There is nothing better than giving something as an gag gift which is still functional.

When buying gag gifts for dad you should consider two things, one the gag gifts you want to buy and two the look you want for your gift. If you are buying gag gifts for dad to help him fit in this year Christmas I am sure you already have some items in mind. Perhaps you are looking for a Christmas gag gifts dad will never use? One of my all time favorite Christmas gag gifts is a toilet timer, why not give a headband made of a toilet paper holder?

The Christmas gifts for fathers who are hard to buy for could include a brand new potty watch. You can find some great deals on a potty watch on the internet. There are brand names such as Colgate, Pedego and Squire along with generic brands such as Sears and Bath & Body Works. If you are looking for a specific brand you can also check online for reviews of the brand you want to buy.

Other unique Christmas gifts for men that are great for Father’s Day are mini golf balls. Did you know that many high profile Golf pros wear a size 4 golf ball? This is actually the smallest size available for a ball. Anytime I need to clean out my ball locker at work I look for these balls so that I can take them to the driving range and not worry about getting the proper dimensions.

Another gag gift for Dad that I love to give is a digital photo timer. Now the Timer isn’t always accurate but it will give your kids a few extra minutes of fun. The digital photo timer comes in either a black and white or in color. Either way you can find a decent size battery operated digital photo timer that will definitely make Father’s day a lot more fun.

If your dad happens to be a very active potty training Dad than a unique gag gift that I would suggest for him is a toilet bowl timer. Why you ask? Well if your Dad has his own potty training toilet bowl then a timer is a great way to incorporate the necessity of using the potty. A bowl timer will show Dad when he needs to go and will turn red when he is ready to use the potty. This way your kids will have something to look forward to as they wait for their Dad to get home from work.

A unique gift that I am sure that Dad will absolutely love is a toilet bowl night light. Now many people may say a toilet bowl night light is not really a gag gift but I disagree. Why you ask? Well a toilet bowl night light will not only give Dad the ability to see where he is when he goes to the bathroom during the night but it will also turn on the light and flash it’s red light.

What other Christmas gift will let Dad see his surroundings at night while he is away from home for the holidays? A fantastic gag gift for the man in your life is a handheld bathroom timer. Yes a timer, but you are giving him a Christmas gift that he will actually use. You can get the timer from any department store with a bit of shopping around. No matter what Christmas gifts for men you are thinking of buying this year, make sure you check out the Christmas lights online.